Flame Boyant – SOLD! March 2009

Every Thoroughbred looks forward to their own special human friend, Flame and Brianna are a match made in heaven

SOLD! Congratulations Heather and Brianna Lucca of Memphis, TN!

Flame is already at his new home in Tennessee – and we have already received an update from Heather.

We just already love Flame to pieces! Bry and I both can’t wait until I pick her up from school tomorrow and go to him! I will be going there myself during the day to check on him as well. He seems to be settling in magnificently, and he and Flash were very friendly with each other. His lunging did go very well! We did not get the chance to ride today, it was raining, sleet and snow, not very nice.

Following was Flame’sĀ  sales information:
Flame Boyant aka “Skinny” has found a new home with not one but TWO moms! This horse has been well loved by anyone who has ever known him. He was one of our 25 Special Horses and the photos of him as poor ole’ “Skinny” spurred many people to help rescue these deserving horses. Flame will have a loving home in Memphis, TN with Heather and Brianna Lucca. His vet will be Dr. Jennifer Dunlap who is the proud owner of Wiseguy’s Out and several other Bits & Bytes Farm horses. Heather and Brianna fell in love with him on a recent visit to Bits & Bytes Farm. We look forward to lots of great Flame Success Stories. You can follow his story and the story of many other Thoroughbreds that have found loving homes with the help of Bits & Bytes Farm.

Flame has had many human friends during his time at Bits & Bytes Farm. Please click here to read his past success stories.