Flame Warms the Hearts of His New Moms


Flame enjoys the company of his new friends - human and horse!

Flame is doing great in his new home! He’s adorable and playful like a really big puppy. Mom and I lunged him when he first got here and seemed to be great! So I saddled up and rode with the lunge line for the first couple days. After I was completely comfortable with him, I rode him off of the lung line. Now I am riding him everyday spending every second I can with him.

He has adjusted quickly to the western saddle and is now completely use to it and doing great! I have so much fun riding him! He has a very nice trot and a super smooth cantor. I am not scared or worried at all about him. Every time my mom and I clean his stall with him in it, he opens the bags of shavings and helps spread them around with his hoof, it is so cute!

Even though its 100 acres of land where the horses can run free, no matter how far he is, my mom and I scream his name only a few times and he comes running full speed towards us and stops right in front of us. My mom picks me up from school everyday and we go right from school to see him, he always cheers me up. I love him so much!