Flash From the Past

Great Game at her breeders farm in July 2011

Great Game at her breeders farm in July 2011

You know…I was looking back thru some old correspondence of ours back before even Muchu was a done deal and I ran across a couple of little blurbs I just had to share……boy did it turn out to be prophetic…..

this is from when we were making arrangements to get Shu shipped…

On a completely separate note, I worry a bit about Game—she had such a sweet eye and am sure she would be a wonderful horse..I have the worlds worst soft spot…exactly the opposite of what good sense tells you about horses-but also, to be completely responsible to my son, he deserves my best guess about how to go, and truly think at least on the surface Muchu is almost exactly what I had had in mind for him. It might have gone different if it was going to be my horse alone, and not for any good reason either other than just some intangible I can’t even explain to you. I have been known to fly in the face of conventional logic before on a gut hunch–but I do think for Patrick Muchu is the match

PS—without violating any confidences or privacy…could you let me know how Game does and if she gets a home?

I think you and I both fell into about the perfect match for both Patrick AND me…..it just gives you shivers to actually look back sometimes….
ohhh and by the way….

I am thinking this sounds like such a nice man with suchhhh a nice family …..I am sure it would be ok to let him know where Game ended up finally….lol lol….oh—duh—guess that would be me!

Later…..have a “Great” day…..Chuck