Focus on the Important Things


K O River Crossing with mom, Loui Padgett. Click on the image to go to K O River Crossing's photo album. He was a 2007 Prospect Horse for sale on the Bits & Bytes Farm Web site.

After a very busy summer with little time to focus on relaxing and riding, it was great to get out today and do just that. I did not have an agenda and was happy to take the time to tack up and slowly enjoy being with my horse.

When I arrived and walked down the barn and called to K O River Crossing, as usual, his head came out of the stall and he became so animated, tossing his halter and talking away. This started a very relaxed and fun day.

We began in the arena with some ground work, where River has made tremendous progress (thanks to you, Barry and Daryleen). He worked so well off voice commands today and moved beautifully. We followed this up by a great ride, working on several dressage patterns. Cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed seeing River progress as a dressage horse and look forward to both of us improving even more over time.

Thanks for taking such great care of my “Guy”.