Fox Hunting on Thanksgiving

Off-the-track Thoroughbred, Christian's Hope at the Thanksgiving Fox Hunt

Hi Elizabeth — I thought you might enjoy seeing an updated photo of Bobby with his new owner, Nina Gowl, all dressed up in their finery for the Camden Hunt’s Opening Hunt on Thanksgiving Day. Nina reports that “He’s very sure-footed, light, and becomes more comfortable with hounds all the time. We ran with hounds in front, at his side, and behind him, and as my friend Martha would say, “he maintained”. I continue to give him mileage in the field. He seems to enjoy it, LOVES to gallop, and is content in the middle or the back at this point. This is the hardest place for a field hunter in the field, and he’s pretty natural. ”

So it looks like Bobby really has found his true calling, assisted by someone who really understands and loves the OTTB. She has also played some polo on him — if only she were an eventer too !

I hope all is well at Bits and Bytes Farm

Kind regards,