Barbo Gettin Down and Dirty at his New Digs

I have been meaning to send you an update and sorry it has not been sooner. Barbo is doing great!

I think he really likes it at the new farm. He has about 20 acres to run around on and a lake as well, which I know he has been wading in on the warmer days because he comes in all dirty from his belly down…lol.

There are several horses that he hangs out with. I don’t think he is the boss though, but does have buddies. The whole family has been out to see him (including Chase and Emory) a good bit. I do get to see him about everyday and he is getting lunged about three times as week and ridden 2-3 times a week as well. He is definitely getting more exercise and it’s been great having him so close.

We have gone on a couple of trail rides by ourselves and done some exploring and he has been absolutely wonderful! I can definitely tell our bond has gotten stronger and working with him more has been great for us understanding each other better. Since he has been getting more exercise I have increased his feed again and is doing well with it. I do miss you guys at Bits & Bytes Farm, loads and I am sure that he does as well.

Erica and Barbo