Grab that “Chance” when You Find It!

Just wanted to keep you in touch with Chance’s progress.

Jim is absolutely in love. He just adores riding Chance. Chance seems to enjoy being ridden by Jim, too. They make a lovely soft picture together. I videoed them today, and while watching the video, Jim said, “How did I ever end up with such a nice horse?”

They haven’t done any jumping yet, and I am getting anxious to see them in a jump lesson. The way Chance moves under himself, he can probably jump over the barn!

We went out across the farm one day a couple of weeks ago, and Chance was pretty blown away by how big the world is. I’m sure he’ll get used to it soon, though. He adjusted to the covered arena quickly.

Two weekends ago, Jim rode chance in a clinic with Jim Koford (big time dressage rider). Koford really liked Chance. When he asked where we got him and we told him your story, his comment was, “Why did they want to sell him?” But you did. Too bad for you!