Grayboo and Amanda Cross Country with the Big Guys

OTTB Grayboo and Amanda take a break

OTTB Grayboo and Amanda take a break

I’m just SO excited about Grayboo that I have to share it.

Amanda and Grayboo competed this weekend at River Glen. They were in the Training Rider Division – there was no junior division so they competed against juniors and adults (a class size of 22).

They had a very good dressage test and scored 36. Grayboo knocked a rail at the second jump in show jumping – I thought it was going to stay but it decided to fall! Grayboo does NOT like to hit rails, so he was more careful the rest of the course. He took care of Amanda at one jump where they hit an awkward distance to finish with just the one rail down. And then he was a STAR in cross-country finishing double clear.

It is just so exciting to see them gallop cross-country. They finished in 5th place (would have been 2nd if the rail had stayed up!). The stadium course was tough – only seven out of 22 had a clear round.

Grayboo is an amazing horse and Amanda and he have really formed a partnership! When we were cooling Grayboo down after cross-country, Amanda was describing her run and said “Mom, I’m just basically lucky to have Grayboo”. I almost cried!

Their next show will be at the end of September at Pine Top. Amanda is planning on doing an Ian Stark clinic in October (sponsored by the Area III Adult riders). She did the clinic with Ian last year and loved it. It really gave her (and Grayboo) the confidence they needed before competing at their first Training Level event.

Elizabeth’s Note: We are extremely proud of Amanda and Grayboo. Grayboo “picked” Amanda to be his mom. He had not “clicked” with several other prospective buyers. When Amanda got on him, Grayboo took a deep sigh and said, “I found my perfect match!”

Grayboo and Amanda have been together since 2006. Click here to read their past success stories.