Grayboo Continues to Move Up and Win in Eventing!

Hi Elizabeth!

This is Amanda updating on Grayboo this time. He has been fantastic! We won our second Prelim at River Glen in August. Dressage wasn’t so great, he wasn’t moving off my leg like I wanted, it was really hot that day, so that’s the main reason why, that and I was still learning to sit his trot. Stadium and cross country were excellent though, both went clear with only 2 time faults on cross country. With both clears we were able to move up to 1st! I was so excited.

Here is a link to Grayboo’s pictures from River Glen. Grayboo has a Photo Album that dates from 2004! See Grayboo’s Photo Album.

Our third Prelim we did was at Middle Tenessee. He got really tense during dressage and we had few moments of connection. He pulled two rails in stadium, which he never does, it was a tight twisty course and he wasn’t listening to me very well. Cross country went clear, but we gained many time faults because he was wanting to take over and I was having to say no we really don’t want to jump these big fences at a flat gallop, so I didn’t mind the time faults. We ended up placing 5th that weekend.

The most exciting news though is from the show this weekend!! We completed our fourth prelim at Poplar Place. On the way to the dressage ring “Boo” was jigging the whole way over and I was thinking oh no, please don’t be another test like the one at Middle Tennessee. When we got there they sent me over too early so I let him stand and check everything out and that helped him calm down a bit. When it was Boo’s turn to go he was just fabulous, he was nice and forward and on the bit and wasn’t freaking out like he sometimes will do. The judge gave us a 29.1, which is the best dressage score I have ever had on any horse!! I was so proud of him and he got an extra carrot for being so good.

After dressage he stood in 2nd. Stadium went great also, he went double clear. After knocking a pole in warm up he made sure he wasn’t going to knock any on the course. After stadium he was still in second. And of course cross country day was a blast!! He was listening to me in warm up so I was able to let him really gallop this time around.

I love going cross country on Grayboo because he really takes care of me, we will sometimes get into some sticky situations and he takes care of us and makes sure we get through just fine, he really is a smart horse! Everything went clear cross country and we even made time! The person ahead of me got enough time faults so we moved up to first!! It was just such a fantastic weekend for both of us.

Here is a link to Grayboo’s pictures from Poplar Place.

Thank you for trusting me with this special boy, he has just been so amazing since the day I got him. I am blessed to be partners with such an amazing horse

-Amanda and Grayboo


Grayboo in training with Elizabeth at Bits & Bytes Farm

Elizabeth’s Note: Grayboo was one of my “special boyz” at the farm. I hated to let him go but I knew he had the talent to excel if only we could find the perfect match for him. Many people came to ride Grayboo and we usually knew in about 30 seconds whether he liked them or not. If the horse is not happy with the rider the horse is not sold. When Amanda got on Grayboo he looked so happy. She rode him in the arena and then in the pasture and jumped our cross-country logs. He took her over fences he had never before jumped and both Grayboo and Amanda were grinning from ear-to-ear. Grayboo had found his special girl. We have several years of Grayboo Success Stories on this site and on the Bits & Bytes Farm Web site.