Great Game Arrives

Great Games arrives in the dark of night

Great Games arrives in the dark of night to her new family in Bangor, Maine.

From the cold dark depths of the Bangor Maine night….with the chill 38 degree wind blowing on a night as dark as dark—only a half moon shining feebly high in the sky—–a trailer pulls in. Barn lights shine off of the silver sides—festive red lights glow from the trailer like Santa’s sleigh…..and honestly—what is inside is one of the only things that can make a grown man dance like a kid on Christmas. The trailer backs in—(does it ALWAYS take this long and I just never noticed?)….a nice man gets out…hi’s all around—hand shakes–dancing from one foot to the other….”can I help you get that door open?” The lights come on in the trailer…and yes Virginia—there is a horse in there….and she is yours.

Elizabeth checked out Great Game at her breeder's farm in Lexington, KY

Elizabeth and Great Game at her breeder’s farm in Lexington, KY

At this point it becomes painfully clear that all of the confidence I have placed in Elizabeth’s assessment of horses has been in grave error. I know Elizabeth has seen this horse (Great Game)– been in her presence–and has relayed her assessment…and it in no way is reflected in the horse I am seeing step off the trailer. Elizabeth has, in truth, reminded me that the horse I am getting has been a brood mare to two of her own babies and is not coming to me in the prime sleek condition of a fit, athletic thoroughbred stepping off of the track. She has in fact pointed out that the horse would be somewhat rough in condition as she has been pastured for several years….that her barrel is well filled out (I have seen many broodmares and know well what to usually expect) but honestly…I never would have thought that Elizabeth’s assessment could so differ from my own. I have had and known and worked with horses of many different breeds and vocations for a lot of years…and Elizabeth and I have so many similar perceptions and approaches to horses…how could we have so misfired this badly this time.

Great Game arrives in Bangor, Maine

The horse I am watching step off of this trailer on this dark blustery night in no way resembles that middle years slightly portly brood mare I am expecting…unless you call Christy Brinkley—or perhaps Jessica Alba or Jennifer Lopez you average soccer moms. In somewhat rough shape as to appearance with field mud????…..sure if Carrie Underwood or Shania Twain in blue jeans and boots strikes you as “rough”—sure…..I got this horse I had to keep pinching myself to look at….trim—energetic—raging intelligence—a bit of fire in the girls eyes—and presence?????….pleaseeee—she radiates it like she is walking the red carpet at a movie premier. I had thought that when Muchu arrived that never would a horse make such an impact again…with her fire and beauty….and tonite—I just walked out a stable with two runway models—queens of horses stalled right beside each other….one black—one bay—one my sons—one mine—and I have Elizabeth to thank….wow–talk about the absolute queen of understatement when it came to assessing Great Game…..instant success…….if I can just get her to take Game off the prospect horse list since I am sending her a picture she is actually here….:)