Grey Thoroughbred Horse For Sale – My Isabell- SOLD!

My Isabell is a grey Thoroughbred horse for saleMy Isabell is a gorgeous horse with loads of potential.  When I purchased Izzy I was a stay at home mom and thought I would have plenty of time to work with her, but I have had to go back to work full time and sadly that means she is not getting worked much at all.  Izzy is incredibly smart and sensitive with a great work ethic.  She likes to be out doing things and learning and I just don’t have the time to give her what she needs.  I would love to see her go to someone who will put her in a regular program where she will be mentally and physically stimulated.  She is currently at my house and our property is very quiet with not much action going on.  She really likes a busier place with other horses and people around.  She also loves her stall.  She has a stall that’s open to the pasture and spends most of her time in her stall munching on hay rather than being out on the pasture.

I have done a lot of work on her ground manners and they are pretty solid now.  She can be mounted from a bucket, mounting block, tree stump, or from the ground with no problems.  She even tolerates me flailing and flopping as I climb onto her bareback.  I’ve also done some parelli seven games with her and she free lounges very well.  I have also worked her in side reins and a circingle.  She’s starting to reach and stretch for the bit at the walk very nicely, but I haven’t had a lot of time to work with her on this.  With regular training she will progress very quickly.  I have also lounged her over ground poles and a small cross rail and she loves it.  She gets so proud of herself when she hops over the rails.  🙂

I’ve ride her out in open fields and on trails around my property.  She’s never barn sour, always ready to go out and explore.  She loves exploring new trails though she’s not bomb proof and does have an occasional spook, it’s pretty mild and she calms right back down.  I’ve ridden her quite a bit in our top field which is right by the road and she’s done well with trucks pulling boats, motorcycles, four wheelers, cars, etc driving by.  She walk, trott, canters with no problems, and stops easily (though getting her to stand still at the halt needs some work).  She will need some more work on bending and flexing to the right, but I think she really just needs more time in the saddle to fix that and I just don’t have it to give her.

I would really like to see her go to an intermediate rider working with a trainer or an experienced rider/trainer.  She is amazing, talented, and gorgeous, but she needs someone to continue transitioning her into a riding horse.  I think she’d make an awesome eventer or jumper or even a field hunter, she’d also be a good trail horse once she has some more experience as long as she’s ridden often.  She’s 16 hh and I think she’d do great as a lady’s horse of for an experienced teen working with a trainer.  Her walk is forward, her trot is nice, and her canter is lovely with a nice rythm and feel to it.  She’s up to date on all her shots, coggins, and worming and I’ve had a corrective natural trimmer doing her feet.  Her feet are great!  She is barefoot with no problems, her underslung track heels have been corrected, and she’s ready to go!  Please feel free to call me for more info on this lovely mare.
Isabell can also be seen here:

UPDATE Aug 2013: My Isabell has sold.  She found a new home with an eventer here in Leesville, SC.  She has a plush stall, ample turn out, a wonderful new mom, and some great pasture buddies.  Thanks, Laura