Happy Birthday Fast Commander!

Fast Commander was bold and brave on his first trail ride in Colorado. Click on this image to see more photos of Fast Commander.

I am attaching some recent pictures of Fast Commander out in my front pasture & on his first real trail ride this past weekend. It was beautiful weather, so there were lots of people walking dogs or riding bikes on these trails – it’s a public park. He looked at lots of things at first, but then settled nicely. He even crossed the stream twice without hesitation. We cantered & trotted along slowly with no attempt to race my husband on my other horse. Fast Commander definitely doesn’t have any innate need to be first.

Fast Commander had no desire to run fast.

Lucky for me, as that got him out of the racehorse business. We are planning his first schooling show experience next weekend if the weather cooperates. He turns four on March 12!


Fast Commander was a well bred three year-old COLT who was not showing promise as a race horse when he was listed on the Bits & Bytes Farm Web site as a Thoroughbred Horse For Sale. Bits & Bytes Farm helps place sound and sane Thoroughbred race horses into new homes as sport horses.