Happy New Year from Allegiant and Amanda

Allegiant the OTTB

Hey, Happy New Year!

Allegiant and I are doing great. I did upload a few videos, but they aren’t that great. I’ve been able to ride Alle 4 days a week or more instead of once every week and a half or so. We went for a six and a half mile trail ride at Harbin’s yesterday, and she was the lead horse the entire way. She was walking faster than every other horse. We had to stop and wait 25 times at least. She is becoming so much braver trail riding, so I don’t mind that she is way ahead! We also passed a few dogs, a bike, and a stroller, and she was perfectly fine to go first. I overheard my trainer talking with someone on the trail say, “I am not a big fan of thoroughbreds, but I do like her mare.” Alle is doing great. We are going to Harbins again on Monday. The Clinton Anderson techniques and confidence course that Stacey has have really calmed Alle down. She still likes to go fast. So, we are currently working on her maintaining a steady trot with little to no contact. She is also tying to the trailer with the blocker tie ring. This year, I am really hoping to start doing a few shows with her. We are going to do a few obstacle challenges at least.

Thanks for matching me up with Alle,

Amanda and Alle!!

See Allegiant’s videos on her YouTube channel.