Heather’s Best After Six Years

In answer to Elizabeth’s question . . . .

Of course Heather is still alive!! He is fantastic. We moved to Kentucky two years ago, and I got another horse ( a youngish named Cedric). Heather and Cedric are great buddies. I don’t keep them at home any more because I went back to flying full time and am just on the road too much, but they are at a fantastic barn, they go out together in a four acre field all night, and both seem to enjoy sleeping in their stalls for half the day lol.

I have not been competing much because I could never get weekends off from flying, but we have done a couple schooling shows at the barn, and taking lots of big hacks on the property (300 acres with trails and fields to ride). Because I’m gone so much, I have a girl who half leases heather, and they love each other. She rides him a lot when I’m out of town, and sometimes when I’m home we will get both boys out together trotting or on a trail ride.

His health has been perfect, he is still 100 percent sound, and the same slightly mischievous Heather lol! I get his hocks injected about once a year but that is it, and he still LOVES jumping!

He still gets excited about going xc. We did a little schooling the other day and people thought he was my young horse bucking around, jigging and shaking his head getting all excited to run and jump lol. He is still very competitive and must be in the lead when we trot or gallop lol!

I have some pictures.

I hope you guys are doing well, great to hear from you.