Home Sweet Home

Well it has been a very VERY long journey for Irish (Irish Morning Mist) and I. However, I came to realize that my life was not the same without him and it so happened that I was given the opportunity to get him back. He is very happy to be back with his mom and I could not be happier. I am now in a much more secure place in my life and don’t think I could ever give my I-man up EVER again. We have plans to start showing at the end of March and will be either moving to Florida in the summer or back to the Atlanta area (it all depends on how a few things fall into place).

School is doing great and I have a schedule where I am able to ride six days out of the week. Irish is eating up the attention and is happier then i have ever seen him. This experience has shown me that no matter what, if things are meant to be, they will (even if it means a few detours along the way). I will send plenty of updates and pics as Irish and I begin our new journey together.

Thanks and hope all is well,
Megan and Irish

Irish Morning Mist has had several moms – all of whom loved him. Unfortunately, situations in their lives caused them to give up the horse they loved. Megan Brown was one of the moms who gave him up and later was able to pursue getting him back again. She loves this horse and it is our hope that she will continue to be a part of his life. Read the rest of the Irish Morning Mist story on our Spotlight on Irish Morning Mist page.