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Admiration aka “Huey”

Admiration Has A New Home

Just wanted to let you know that Admiration aka “Huey” now belongs to Jane Morley of Schuyler, VA – the same Jane Morley that owns Caritas and Cat. Nice to keep it all in the family 🙂

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17 hand Thoroughbred Horse For Sale – Admiration

Admiration aka “Huey” is a 10 year-old TB gelding who has been off the track for over two years. He is chestnut with four high whites and a blaze and stands 17 hands! Huey is built like a warmblood – wide barrel, very solid bone. He is sadly offered for sale by his owner Whitney Evans.

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Nothin’ Much Rattles “Huey’s” Chain

Wanted to send some quick pictures we took over the weekend of “Huey” aka Admiration, since I’ve been promising them forever. This canter is the first time we’ve really cantered – I’ve let him gallop some just to get some energy out, but this time he actually sat back and collected. It was wonderful! As…

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New Year, New Bit, New Attitude – Admiration Off on the Right Foot

I’ve been watching the site and meaning to send an update… just haven’t gotten around to it! Honestly there haven’t been any real milestones because we’ve been taking it easy since our last update. I injured my knee and was sidelined for about nine months (I’m still working to get back in shape!!) and then…

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Admiration is All About Being a Sport Horse

Just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for the advice about Huey’s weight gain issues. He’s starting to put on some more weight; he’s still a little ribby but he’s looking thicker through the barrel. I added flax to his feed and have just been making sure he always has good quality…

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