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Familiar Ghost aka “Casper”

Clever “Casper” Invents New Game – Crash through the Rails

“Casper” (Familiar Ghost) is doing very well. He’s slowly coming into frame and getting rounder. I’ve jumped him over small stuff, little x’s, and he really thinks about things. I can almost HEAR him thinking, “why jump over this stuff? I can go around it much more easily.” But he’s honest and tries, so I have no complaints! We…

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“Casper’s” Friendly Halloween Message…

The new website looks great! I love what you did with “Casper’s (Familiar Ghost’s) site.” Terrific! “Casper” is doing well – actually jumped him over a very small “x” two weeks ago. He wasn’t all that thrilled, but I certainly was. I’m unable to ride for a couple of weeks. Wish I could say I…

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Casper Captures New Mom’s Heart

Familiar Ghost, “Casper”, has been with me just over a month. And what a month it has been! As you and I discussed, I’ve been riding a long time. I’ve really liked a couple of horses, downright disliked fewer, and have had a so-so relationship with some. The horses I rode were always for sale…

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Becoming Familiar with a Friendly Ghost

Familiar Ghost is doing very well. What a gentleman! He’s become a pet of the barn and is just the most terrific horse on the planet. I’ll email you more about his progress as well as training questions I have in a later email.

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