Mary Misbehavin Meets Her Mom

Mary Misbehavin Finally Meets Leslie

Leslie made it home this weekend for the first time since August and finally got to meet Mary Violet (Mary Misbhavin). It was mutual love at first real sight. MV is super sweet. Leslie rode her in the round pen – trotted and cantered, and they did great! We’re going to ride in the big arena today. I just wanted to get you some pictures.

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Mary Misbehavin Has Turned into a Flower

Ain't Misbehavin - - Despooking ex-race horse Mary Misbehavin

Just a couple of pics of PK Mary Violet (Mary Misbehavin) enjoying life on the farm. I’ve been doing ground work almost every day, and she is doing so well. The second picture is her with the bag of rocks on her back after I threw it all around her, up against her legs, under her and dragged it all over from behind and in front etc. She doesn’t even bother to look at it.

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