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Titania aka “Titanium”

Titania: Happy As a Clam in Virginia

I have good news about Titania aka “Ana”! She is fat and happy enjoying life up in Leesburg, VA. I went to visit her a few weeks ago, and she was happy as a clam! She is nice and round, and even had to be put on a diet! She is being taken out for clinics and, hopefully, her first show soon. Her owners are very happy with her, and she seems happy with them!

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Titania Doing Well With New Mom

An update on Titania: I know when we last spoke, she was just starting out with Julie, her new owner, but was having some soundness issues. Since then, they have put her into some pads and new shoes, and she has been in training since. Even though Ana has not been ridden much due to our crazy winter here in Northern VA, I have been told that she has come a long way! Last time I visited the farm (back in December) she was fat and happy living with my other old horse that is at this farm.

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Titania Embodies Grace and Ease

Since I last spoke with you (which was when “Ana” aka Titania, was out with a swollen leggie) I have gotten back on her and restarted everything. She is figuring out how to stretch forward and down, and is figuring out her leads (and even some flying ones)! We’ve done fences a few times, and…

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