Irish is the Light & Happiness of Megan’s life

Hi E,

I was catching up on your website and on all the news and saw that you needed a refreshing reminder of the beauty and love these thoroughbreds bring to our lives. I wish we could save them all too, I would have many if I could. I just wanted to take the time to thank you for finding Irish and giving him the chance you did. I don’t know where I would be without him.

Irish Morning Mist & Megan Brown

Irish Morning Mist & Megan Brown

Although it was journey for him, he is still the light and happiness that keeps me moving forward through hard times. I have never bonded as much with an animal, or person, as I have with Irish. He seems to tell me “its OK” whenever I feel lost or sad. I recently went through a bad break up with my boyfriend of two and half years and Irish was the one person there for me (well horse.. same thing). I would just go out to the barn and bathe him or hand walk him up and down the drive way, even just sit in his stall, and he would just put his head in my arms and helped me release all the anger and sadness that had piled up inside of me. I haven’t felt like training so I would just get on with halter and lead rope and walk around and he would step carefully and take care of me.

He is my precious jewel. The light in my darkness. I know we all lose hope and strength and break down every once and a while. But horses like Irish Morning Mist and So Romeo are the ones who push us to stride forward.

I thank you again for saving Irish and every other horse that you have helped give a second chance. And I know for a fact Irish thanks you too. For giving him the chance to know that there is good in this world and to know that one person can care for him more than anything else in the world.

I think these low moments make us stronger and show us the kindness and friendship these horses bring to our lives.

God Bless,
Megan and Irish (Best Friends)

This is one of the most special success stories on this site. Irish Morning Mist was a handful when he came off the track. He had to mature and grow up and while he did this, Megan did also. She lost Irish once and got him back again. Megan and Irish will always be very special highlights in the Bits & Bytes Farm success stories. Thank you Megan for turning the tables and helping me get through a rough spot. – Elizabeth