Irish Morning Mist – Equitation Horse

Irish Morning MistHey E,
Just wanted to give a quick update on my big BAYby. He has been doing absolutely amazing! We are back at GSU and its my senior year 🙂 and we are both having a blast!! I think I have found Irish’s calling as an Equitation horse. He LOVES it!

We are competing in medal classes now and for year end medal in the equitation division which we are second for year end so far and also in jumpers which we are first in the division. He is as handsome as ever and is loving life. The other day during team I was running across the ring to set up a jump and he just trots behind me around the ring. I hope you guys are doing well and let me know if you guys ever do a fox hunt soon and maybe we can join! I have attached a few photos of the big man.

Happy Riding!
Megan and I-man (aka Irish Morning Mist)