Jo Sly Pack’s New Career is Going Well

We bought Jo Sly Pack about three years ago. Jo is doing fantastic! He has become my baby, and I have spoiled him rotten. We are a perfect pair. I just started really showing him within the past year. He is solidly showing training level and schooling first level. We have been doing some three phases and that is his talent. He will jump anything you point him at. People are shocked when I tell them how old he is. He is the only five year old Thoroughbred I know that can gallop in a field and come right back to you and walk around on a loose rein.

I could talk about how good is all day but I was actually emailing you to ask a question… He has always had a tense back and lately he has been very sore. I remember you saying Thoroughbreds usually need to be adjusted when they get off the track and I think he might really benefit from some chiropractic work. Could you provide a recommendation?


Elizabeth’s Note: A chiropractor can work wonders on a horse. If a horse has a sore back or his hip is locked in extension, he will move incorrectly thereby putting additional stress on other joints like the hocks and stifle. Many times a horse with sore hocks is a horse with a sore back that can be corrected with chiropractic. Go to to see video of horses being adjusted by our chiropractor Dr. Lance Cleveland. Many horses would not need joints injected if they were in proper alignment. You need to solve the problem not just address the symptoms. Check out the article: “Does Your Horse Need Chiropractic Care?” on the Bits & Bytes Farm Web site.