Joe Bear’s Smooth Moves Win Two Blues

Joe Bear wins two blues at a recent dressage competiton

Joe Bear wins two blues at a recent dressage competiton

The show last weekend was fantastic. Joe was an absolute star. He acted like an old veteran the whole day. It was a dressage show at that newish facility ten minutes up the road. My ride times were quite spread apart, giving us a lot of time to just hang out. He was not nervous or anxious at all, even though it was COLD and a little windy. The tests were in an undercover with big white boxes and red flowers at every letter. None of that fazed him. Many horses did not even want to go into the arena! The only thing he didn’t like during his tests was the short side at C where the judge was sitting RIGHT there and we had plenty of spectators.

In warm up and the tests I had the best rides I have had in a long time. Joe was so relaxed through his back. Our transitions in the test were not fluid and he was spooky at that one end, but everything in between was so nice. We finally got an eight on our free walk again!

And the best part of it…. Joe took home the blue in both tests! YAY GO JOE!
I had such a good time.


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