June is a Doll

A June Affair making new friends with an ex-race horseJune (A June Affair)  is an absolute doll and has settled in very well!  She is one of the sweetest horses I have been around and her “racehorse” ground manners are improving tremendously! I did get on her this weekend for the first time and she was as good as I could have hoped for.  She wasn’t wild, didn’t do anything stupid, walked around on a loose rein…all good…just very unbroke! Hahaha  she’s seems bright so I don’t think it will take her long to figure out the whole hand to leg and lateral movement thing!  I just love her and am really excited to see how she turns out.  she is slowly putting weight on and looks really good.  She seems very happy and content in her new home and has met her “big” brother finally. I will try to get new pictures to you after the holidays…of course, she will be fuzzy but that’s OK!!