Just About Perfect – Brat Maverick


Life is wonderful for Brat Maverick at his new home.

Just a quick update for both of you. I stopped by to see Maverick on my way home from work yesterday and he was like a different horse. He had eaten supper without a problem which he has been doing since arriving at his new home, but last night he was out grazing with the herd in the pasture. I have been going by each night to give him carrots and mints, but last night he was so relaxed out in the pasture that I did not want to disturb him in any way. I watched him for a while and he appears to have a couple of buddies out there. I am so happy that he has settled in so quickly.

Mona, the owner of the barn, said Maverick was relaxed all day. He is no longer pacing the fence but instead ventures out to join the herd. Everyone is commenting on how beautiful he is of course, and add to that that he is as sweet as can be, I would say he is just about perfect.

I hope to ride him this evening so I will let you know how that goes. For now, life is wonderful for Maverick and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

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