Leader Board is Amazing Everyone!

Well it has almost been two months since we have had Leader Board. He still amazes me as much as he did the first couple weeks. He has started over cross rails and small logs and such. He is awesome! He never even looks at the jumps, even if we try to make them a little scary.

The most amazing thing about him is that myself (who hadn’t been on a horse in three years before him) and my husband (who hadn’t been on a horse in 15 yrs) are both able to confidently ride him.

He is such a sweet and willing horse. Even after having him for two months, we still get comments daily on what a great find he is and how lucky we are (usually when he is falling asleep in the cross ties or jumping like he has been doing this for his whole life). We know that it is not luck, but your great research and knowledge that lead to a great match.

Melissa and Walker Hopkins