Little Silic’s Mom – Not Gonna Take It Anymore!

I cannot believe what has just happened. I read all the training notes on Phil’s Courage, what an awesome site. Lilttle Silic is doing great, however, he has a nipping fetish, not in an aggressive way, but unacceptable just the same. So I tried something new other than the John Lyons.

After reading the journal (Phil’s Courage), I went out to the barn, the usual nicker, then as I approached, he went to nip. I turned around really fast, squealed and kicked the dirt. Little Silic took off across the paddock and the look on his face was priceless, “what the heck was all that about? Where did that come from?” IT WORKED.

At feeding time he tends to be impatient and his nipping is much more pronounced. So I did it again. WOW, IT WORKED. He actually stood in the corner of the stall and waited until I walked away from his feed bucket.
I want you to know I was not scaring him, I politely let him know .as a mare would in the herd, that he is not the Alpha and he should not nip me. So far, today while working with him, he has not EVEN TRIED to nip me. Guess it just goes to show you, you can never know too much to learn something new.

I love this new site, please pass onto Phil’s Alpha mare that I think she is doing a great job and thank you Elizabeth for sharing all this wonderful information.


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