Living the Life of “Riley” at His First Recognized Horse Trial

OTTB Golds Anatomy's First Recognized Horse Trail June 2010Hi Elizabeth,
Hope your summer is going well and all is good with you and yours. It’s been a while and I wanted to update you on what Golds Anatomy (his stable name is now “Riley”) and Laura are doing these days. Riley came to us May of last year (2009) and the first weekend of June this year (2010) Laura took him to his first recognized Area X Horse Trials. In spite of a few glitches in stadium they earned second place in Jr. Beginner Novice!

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Laura had a blast and it turns out that “Riley’s” favorite thing is x-country. He is not afraid of anything (oh wait, a little iffy with water. This is Arizona after all) and acts like he’s been doing it all his life. The dressage rings were actually on a race track and he didn’t bat an eye. I think this is what he wants to do. Riley and Laura are becoming a solid team and she just loves him.

They are going to another event this weekend, wish them luck!

Leslie Hempleman

Golds Anatomy was a Bits & Bytes Farm Prospect Horse For Sale directly from the race track in February 2009.