Lovers Quarrel has Made His Way to Canterway

Lovers Quarrel has made it to his new home.

Lovers Quarrel has made it to his new home.

LQ aka Lovers Quarrel (we haven’t barn named him yet – nor show named him) is doing so well. Got him off the trailer last night and hand walked him for about an hour. What a super boy – so alert, yet very level headed. In the dark, low lights, new place, etc and he didn’t even snort. Lloyd walked him around the house, in the front field, down the driveway, everywhere and he just looked around – didn’t spook, snort, act up or anything. My mom was impressed and loved his “mind” – he’s smart and thinks, just doesn’t react. Shows the previous good handling that he’s had. He hauled like a dream – my last Thoroughbred would bang on the trailer if it stopped moving for any reason. This guy chills out well.

We let him hang out in his paddock – stall for another hour where Glory made faces at him over the fence (she hates everyone at first) but he wasn’t concerned with her opinion. Then just for safety, I locked him in the stall overnight.

Today he has full run of his paddock and stall but since it’s raining he doesn’t care to get wet and go out on his own. Another big plus…. the boy is a stall angel! Glory and Doc are very neat in their stalls, which I love, and this boy is too – gotta love a horse who doesn’t trash his stall!

Hope to get with the farrier today or tomorrow even if I have to haul somewhere. Want to get shoes on him ASAP. He was definitely moving better last night on the concrete and the front lawn grass where it was a lot softer. Will also check into those Boa boots.

All of us at Canterway Farm are very excited – he’s just so sweet! I’ll keep in touch and let you know how he’s progressing.