LS – Little Silic or Let it Snow!

Little Silic loves the snow! Click on this image to see more photos in his photo gallery.

Little Silic aka “Shaman” is doing great. As you know because of recent health issues we have not been able to train recently, however he has gained more weight and he’s blossoming into a wonderful young man. He has grown up a bit, he no longer has the “baby face” anymore, which I will miss, but he is still so beautiful.

He really surprises me sometimes, he does not seem to mind bells hanging off his neck, reindeer ears on his head and tinsel draping from his tail! We have a lot of work ahead of us, but I am sure he does NOT miss racetrack life at all! I know how important it is to you for him to have “job” and unfortunately we have encountered some bumps in the road, he is a very loved part of my heart and my family, this will be his last home. He is with me forever NO MATTER WHAT obstacles we may be faced with.

As always, I am very grateful to you for hanging in there with me, every time I look at him, I keep reminding myself that my patience really did pay off and he truly was meant to be my horse, and my friend.

P.S. “Shaman” LOVES the snow!