Lynn’s Vision Needs a Bigger Nose!

Lynn's Vision nearing the finish line of his last race

Lynn’s Vision nearing the finish line of his last race

Lynn’s Vision racing toward the finish line for the last time. He was the favorite at post time and broke from the starting gate in the lead. He led the entire race but as he rounds the final turn a worthy opponent, Popular One (currently available as a Prospect Horse) runs astride. It’s a photo finish! And Lynn’s Vision ends his racing career in second by a nose.

But for me this race is a special victory because now Lynn’s Vision is mine. And I’ve been waiting almost four months to be able to say that. Additionally, the trainer decides to sell Lynn’s Vision on a weekend when Elizabeth and Barry plan to be nearby. So they are able to personally attend his last race and photograph the entire event from tacking up, breaking from the gate, crossing the finish line and walking back to the barn. And during the race, Barry phoned and called the entire race, live, so I could listen and imagine being there. What a thrill! Lynn's Vision's (Bubba's) last race



The following day, Elizabeth and Barry load Lynn’s Vision on the trailer and head to Georgia….and I’m waiting at the barn!

Elizabeth and Barry documented the entire race from tacking up to cooling out afterward. These are photos of Bubba’s at River Downs.