Lynn’s Vision – SOLD! July 2008

SOLD! Congratulations to Melanie Eberhardt of Canton, Georgia!

Love at first sight

Love at first sight

This was his Prospect Horse FOR SALE information:

Bubba” is the kindest gentlest horse in the world. He is turning four, and still growing but already he is 15’2 hand high. He is clean legged and very well mannered. He is easy to handle on the ground. The trainer’s eight year old son cools him out in the morning after he trains. The kids pet all over him, he stands there to let them braid his forelock and mess with his face. He also loves the one barn cat and will rub all over her without bitting her, lets her lay in his stall.

See Bubba’s photo album with photos of his last race.

“Bubba” is a very special horse with a ton of personality. He is sound and a beautiful mover. He has a fantastic trot that naturally makes you post. He is kind and easy to ride. His excercise rider is very proud of how this horse rides. He is very light mouthed and rides off your leg very easily. He doesn’t care about anything, never spooks or jumps from things. When he is done galloping he will drop his head and walk home.
We do not want him to end up on the bottom end of the claiming ranks so we have started to look for a home for him now. He is up to date on everything and should make the transition to riding horse very easily. He thinks he is the big man on the track and is afraid of nothing. He loves his baths and in return will give you one with the hose as well. He is good with the blacksmith and vet. He is a great mover with tons of get up and go but will also walk on a loose rein with no contact. He is super kind and loves peppermints. He does crib with or without a cribbing strap on-that is his only vice. He is sound and will be suitable for any discipline. He is a beautiful mover with tons of athletic ability. “Bubba” is a very special animal and should definitely go to someone who will tap into his full potential.
“Bubba” is well bred. He is a grandson of Forty Niner and Mt. Livermore. Mr. Prospector, Seattle Slew and Blushing Groom are in the third generation of his pedigree.

Bubba's Prospect Horse photo from the track

Bubba’s Prospect Horse photo from the track

Painting by Melanie Eberhardt, "Wrong Way Wally Won't Win"

Painting by Melanie Eberhardt titled Wrong Way Wally Won’t Win

Melanie works as an artist. To see her more of her work go to: