“Marvin” aka Me Tru Checks In

Marvins mom rides him for the first time after he finished racing.

"Marvin's" mom rides him for the first time after he finished racing.

Dear Elizabeth,

Just a quick update on Marvin (Me Tru):

Marvin has settled in amazingly quickly. He acts like a seasoned traveler.He was quiet exiting the trailer, and has had great manners from that moment on.

My farrier couldn’t believe that I bought an OTTB sight unseen, accusing me of “gambling at the highest level”. But he agreed that Marvin is nice – “quiet, seems sound and has good feet”. Impressively, his back isn’t sore either.

I’d planned on letting him down, but Becky, Marvin’s exercise rider from the track, encouraged me to ride him a little. So, on his 3rd day, I tacked him up. He marched to the ring with a sense of purpose and I hopped on. I didn’t even lunge him first. I kept it very short and simple-walk/trot/canter in both directions. He has a lot to learn, but I can’t remember meeting such a young horse that is so trustworthy. At the end of our 10 minute ride, we walked up to a small cross-rail in the arena. I was told he’d never seen jumps before. It only took a little leg pressure and he stepped over it quietly….too perfect for words.

I’m having the chiropractor come out this week. Marvin doesn’t show any signs of discomfort, but I want to be sure.

Thanks to Becky, Michelle, and Cara for arranging several days of turn-out away from the track while waiting for the shipper.

Elizabeth and Becky, thank you for all of your advice and encouragement. I’ll keep you posted on our progress.

Happy in NC,
Kathryn Cole and “Marvin”