“Marvin’s” First Ride – Me Tru(ly) Wonderful

Me Tru and Kathryn Cole

Me Tru aka "Marvin" and Kathryn Cole.

I am totally, completely, crazily in love with Me Tru (aka Marvin). He is everything that Becky said he was…and so much more.

I keep wearing my “crash vest” waiting to discover the hole in Me Tru’s halo, but so far he has acted like a seasoned schoolmaster. We can walk/trot/canter in the ring or out in the fields, with or without other horses. He takes everything in stride. He really likes to explore new territory and learn new things – like hill-work and cavaletti.

I have attached photos of his first day and of our first ride.

Thanks for making this happen. I can’t believe that I could be so lucky!


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UPDATE: November 10, 2009 Marvin’s FULL brother Tru Native is FOR SALE on the Bits & Bytes Farm Web site! If you missed Marvin hurry and call.