Mother Nature Helps with Dakota Spirit and Chilletecaux


I don’t do well with too much time on my hands… with a few lovely days my boys are ready for more. They are on track for a x-c school given they seem bored with small SJ at home – more dressage of course – but we have it ‘please let’s go play!’

Mother Nature has given me a day to bathe and clip my guys.

Dakota thought the clip was too ticklish until I went to his chin… thought he would push me – HA we went from easy (neck and head ohhh yes) to ticklish except he was still drying so tomorrow I’ll finish. He looks so proud of his ‘do’. Carrots, carrots, carrots. Tomorrow the back half of the body.
Chille didn’t think being bald with hairy legs was going to be fun but managed with out drugs… he just had to take some tickles… not quite as smooth as his stablemate but many pats was good enough. Funny that he liked the head part too. Oh and carrots.

Love Da’ Boyz,