Mr. & Mrs. “Max” Impact Herd

It has been so hot down this way that “Max” (Maximum Impact) has been getting a break. The humidity and the temps have pushed it where it was like 103 degrees. So until it cools off “Mr. Max” is having a vacation but as soon as it cools off he will be getting back into a work mode.

“Max” is doing well and he has a “girlfriend” who he really just makes himself lovesick over. They can’t be away from one another for too long a period of time. The only time when he wants her away is when I’m around. He will chase her off. He still is the head of the little group out there and she is the dominant mare. He had a new gelding come in and he like him and started to buddy up with him but his “girlfriend” said “Nope, you’re outta here” and ran him off.