Mudbaths, Mayham, Whatever . . . Life is Good for this OTTB

OTTB Outflankem aka "Bailey" and young rider Ben

OTTB Outflankem aka "Bailey" and young rider Ben

Sorry it’s taken me so long to write, but the weather has been wretched and the only thing Outflankem, aka Bailey, (aka Mr. B ) has been doing is eating and taking mud baths!

We got “Mr. B” so my husband could take a crack at some lower level eventing, and maybe some fox chasing. My husband, (who has been riding for years, but is just starting his formal education), and “Mr. B” seem to be made for each other! Both are so willing to try anything (like wearing those ‘weird pants’ (my husband), and trot over poles on the ground (“Mr. B”). And it’s like ‘B’ totally knows the difference b/t my husband’s skill level and mine. He is so gentle with Neil, he has to actually give ‘B’ a little leg to get him to move with some purpose. Sometimes we joke that there is no way “Mr. B” was a race horse! But with me, he has such a big trot, and his canter, well I can only imagine how silly I look with that HUGE grin on my face! I would try to claim him for myself, but I think I’d lose that battle (and my husband)!

I cannot say enough, this horse is not the hot headed OTTB that people tell horror stories about. Our farm is not quiet – dogs, kids, neighbors on ATV’s, just to name a few distractions. “Mr. B” could care less. I’m not saying he’s dull – but when something catches his eye, (say, a white plastic bag picked up by the wind, that went right past his head while under saddle!) and he’s not really sure about it, he just stands there on high alert, figures nothing is going to eat him, and goes about his business. Plus, he goes right though mud and water! I kept waiting for the other foot to drop with this horse, but I have finally come to realize it never will. Reading the other Success Stories (my favorite place on the web!) I know “Mr. B” is no fluke – all these great OTTB’s are the result of your passion for placing great horses ready to start their 2nd career. Please be assured, Outflankem has found his forever home.