Nearly Sent to Slaughter – Instead “Max” Brings Joy to New Owner

Matts Memo immediately bonds with his new teenage owner

Matts Memo immediately bonds with his new teenage owner

Matt’s Memo aka “Max” has found a new Mom! She’s a teenaged girl who fell in love with “Max’s” picture on his ad (funny, I can really sympathize with her there), and once she saw “Max”, apparently the feelings were mutual. She gave him a huge hug, and he responded with some gentle nuzzling. We were a little concerned about her lack of formal training (she’s been riding at home and on trails for a couple of years), the connection between the two of them was apparently such that once she got on him, he let out a big sigh and walked around the ring with her like a 20 year old school horse. “Max” really seemed to want to take care of her.

“Max” was a unique, rescue situation that I enjoyed greatly, but it was unfortunate that he was unsuitable for jumping. Thanks to him though, I was able to get back into riding enough to feel good about my riding again (rather than wishing my muscles would do what I asked!), and I honestly had some of the best “feels” ever on him when we were so in tune that it felt like all I had to do was think what I wanted to do, and he’d do it.

Thank you again for everything!!

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