OTTB Christian's Hope aka "Bobby" place 3rd out of 7 at the Poplar Place schooling show.

OTTB Christian's Hope aka "Bobby" place 3rd out of 7 at the Poplar Place schooling show.

I’m pleased to report that “Bobby” (Christian’s Hope) finished 3rd out of 7 in his schooling class today in the schooling show/combined test at Poplar Place. I’m attaching a photo of him in the dressage ring with Taylor.

He had a good dressage test, and had he finished it as well as he did the rest of it, he might have finished 1st. When he went down the center line the final time and Taylor asked him to stop and stand, he decided he wasn’t finished yet and wasn’t ready to stop and stand. Ultimately, Taylor got her way and he did stand for the finish, but that of course hurt his score.

He did have a clean round in show jumping, and then Taylor took him for another show jumping round at novice height, which he did well also.

So overall we considered it a very positive schooling experience for “Bobby”. We were especially impressed at how he stood quietly and calmly when waiting his turn to go in, or afterward while Taylor stayed mounted to watch some of her students go around. He seemed to just enjoy standing there watching all the comings and goings.


“Bobby” was a Prospect Horse in 2007 on the Bits & Bytes Farm Web site. He was purchased as a project horse to train and sell by John Parker. Bobby has had two solid years of training and he would make a great young prospect for eventing or dressage. If you have been watching our sites but don’t feel comfortable buying a horse directly from the track, then this might be your horse. Some one else has had the fun of starting him and now you can earn the awards in competition.  Contact John Parker for more information: 770-502-1272. – Elizabeth