Once a Steeplechaser, Always a Steeplechaser

Elizabeth also experienced Heather's love for jumping fast. Click on this image and go to Heather's Best's Photo Gallery.

Elizabeth also experienced Heather’s love for jumping fast. Click on this image and go to Heather’s Best’s Photo Gallery.

Heather’s Best is great. I gave him about a month off this winter and we have been getting back to work this week. I had planned to lunge him for a few days just to get him back in the mode, but he was so quiet and good, that I just rode him lightly instead. He came back to work relaxed and happy. I plan to spend the next few weeks working with a dressage instructor, and doing lots of trail rides.

I’m looking forward to eventing this spring! Heather seems to really enjoy it too. He is one competitive guy, and likes to win! I swear it’s like he checks out the other horses, and just knows that he is faster than any of them. I don’t know if I told you the story about our final competition last fall (4th place) but we caught up to the horse ahead of us on the cross country course. Or rather, Heather got sight of him about two jumps ahead of us. I hadn’t seen them yet, because we were coming out of the woods, but all of a sudden Heather stepped on the gas. Let me tell you, that horse can gallop! There was no way Heather was going to let the horse in front of us stay there, and went into full out steeplechase mode! So, of course we quickly caught up and passed, and then had to make a couple of circles in order to keep from being too fast on our time. I probably would have been terrified on any other horse, but I have just come to trust him so much, that apart from Heather wanting to pass in mid air over a jump, I wasn’t worried. I have to check the rule book, but I’m pretty sure you aren’t supposed to pass over the same obstacle at the same time!

Anyway, we are braving the cold (Heather is currently wearing multiple layers and his neck hoodie! although he really doesn’t seem too bothered by the temperature-he still wants to be outside all day long-rain, snow, wind, whatever. Radar is the big wuss who stands by the gate after a few hours, even though he is only half clipped) My husband is ready to move south. One of his longtime friends is living in Canton, so maybe we will be down for a visit one of these days!

I hope all is going well at Bits & Bytes Farm, say hi to Paula and Joe Bear!