OTTB Construction Easily Adapts to New Surroundings

OTTB Construction aka "Gus" has takes everything in stride

OTTB Construction aka "Gus" has takes everything in stride

Construction (we call him “Gus”) arrived at Bits & Bytes Farm on Monday, August 11th. The nearly 30 hour journey to Georgia did not seem to upset him at all. He walked from the road to the barn without any trouble, and he even stopped to munch on some grass. We took the first few days to bond over grooming and bath time, lots of apples (his favorite – he doesn’t care for carrots), photo sessions and walks. He is an absolute sweetheart with a very sensible head, not to mention that he is gorgeous! Nothing seems to bother him. He stood quietly for a bath and for the farrier, and did not have any trouble being turned out with his two new pasture buddies.

We had our first ride today and it was great! There were three other horses in the ring, but again, he wasn’t bothered. We kept the workout very easy, only walking and trotting.

I am very much looking forward to our time together. I think he is going to be an amazing horse – I see so much potential in him already. Thanks to Becky for her excellent eye and thanks to you, Elizabeth, for all of your help and continued support!