OTTB Decorative Discovers his Flair as a Florist

Decorative has settled in really well. He took three days to decide that he wanted to eat anything. Even though I bought him the same grain that he had been eating, he wasn’t sure about grain or hay. Now he’s eating great and yesterday he actually ate a carrot out of my hand.

I’ve ridden him three times. Walk, trot and canter both leads! Today he trotting and cantered over a pole. He’s a little tense when he goes back to trot after canter but certainly great for how little he knows. That will go away as he learns to bend and gets a bit better balanced and settled. But he comes out with a nice balanced, quiet and steady trot all on his own.

The last time he was turned out loose in the ring, he walked around and pulled out all the flowers from the flower boxes and tossed them everywhere. It probably did not help that a friend and I were laughing at him.