OTTB Gold’s Anatomy Excels at Natural Horsemanship Clinic

Hi Elizabeth!
I just wanted to give you a quick update on Goldie (Gold’s Anatomy). Laura has been working him pretty consistently now that the weather has been cooperating and he is doing fantastic. She’s taken a few lessons on him and her trainer, who was VERY skeptical of us getting a horse without going to see him first, was quite impressed. He is such a pretty mover and is starting to get very soft and round.

This past weekend Laura’s Pony Club had a three day Karen Scholl natural horsemanship clinic and Laura took Goldie. The horses had to wear hula hoops and balloons, walk over tarps and have them pulled over the top of their heads. They eventually were riding around with a halter and lead rope with a huge moving pink balloon blowing around in the middle of the arena while Karen cracked a whip.

Goldie was a star!!! No one could believe he is a five year old Thoroughbred off-the-track, he handled everything so well. I think they are going to post a picture of everyone riding with the big pink balloon on Karen Scholl’s website, I’ll watch and send you a link if they do. I’ll also get some pictures of him in a lesson. I hope everything is well with you.