OTTB Light Artillery has Gone Western and Ain’t Lookin’ Back

OTTB Light Artillery is not intimidated by this ugly fella

OTTB Light Artillery is not intimidated by this ugly fella

I’ve been home nearly a month, I can’t believe it! Most of the time home has been spent doing all the welcome home kinda gatherings. A lot of the other time has been very wet! This is good though because in a week the grass got waist high. I really wanted to get the pastures going while “Maverick” and Reba were still being boarding. Friends have allowed them to stay all through August for me. I miss seeing them out the window and their soft noses and playful tricks everyday. Due to all the weather and time and so forth, Mrs. Arlene has been helping me work on re-establishing ground manners and space respect.

This weekend we are really going to work on softening his mouth and making him bend and one rein stops and more bending. Just easy slow work and build our selves back up. I am upset that Mrs. Arlene has sold her Arabian that “Maverick” enjoyed pacing with so much out in the national forest. She really wants to focus on roping and “horsemanship” more than the endurance now.

But we’ve still got some big rides planned for the upcoming months. There are many fall parades, just small town gatherings that we’re going to try to ride in. And actually tomorrow, “Maverick” gets to go back out to a roping. I want to work him, but let him get back into the atmosphere. I’ll sit on him and let him take it all in. He’s so funny out there. He just watches and enjoys himself.

Okay…well just wanted to give a quick update!