OTTB Outflankem aka “Ronnie” Changes Careers

The shipper arrived three hours early, and good thing because we had a heck of storm up here during the time he was supposed to get here! “Outflankem” got off the trailer like a pro, and stood like a perfect gentleman. He was in a brand new place, with the wind whipping, and he could’ve cared less. All I could say was wow!

We walked down to his paddock, I turned him loose, and enjoyed the show! His trot is to die for, but the canter, the canter I can’t even put into words. After awhile, I changed his halter, and he actually put his head down for me so I could reach. Then he nuzzled me for an ear scratch, (which I did for about five minutes), and the deal was sealed – I now belong to this horse!

He and the goats get along great, and he and his new horse buddies had nothing more than some sniffs and snorts across the fence. He drank, he pooped, he rolled, so I let him be.

First things first, Ronnie enjoys a good roll after his ride from the track to his new home.

and then its on to meet the new neighbors - funny looking horses here in Maryland

. . .And then its on to meet the new neighbors - funny looking horses here in Maryland. "Ronnie" actually had a goat as his companion at the track.

I cannot say enough how happy I am. Elizabeth, you and Becky made everything so easy; from helping during the vet check, sending the list of shippers, always being there to answer my questions, and all the work you put into finding healthy, sane horses ready for second careers. I can’t imagine a better way to buy a horse!

I will send lots of updates (you will probably get sick of me), and look forward to all of my new adventures with my big grey horse!


“Ronnie” had a goat as a companion at the track. His new mom Jen was surprised and pleased to learn that, as she also has goats.

Outflankem's goat at the race track.

Outflankem's goat at the race track. Many race horses have companions at the track including goats and chickens.

Outflankem aka “Ronnie” has a Photo Gallery on this site.