Just wanted to let you know that Wiseguy was absolutely incredible at the show this weekend! He created a lot of buzz! Two people asked me if he was for sale and I was much relieved to say no. I called the last person I sent a video to and let her know he was no longer available.

He has really come into his own and incredibly I warmed him up this time over some little jumps. I’ve been leasing an older Thoroughbred doing hunters. When asked if I wanted to jump Wiseguy a little I thought oh boy and wow was it fun. He was so easy and responsive so maybe I too will show him a little.

He sailed around the jumper classes and brought home two seconds and a third. He even did the level three’s for the first time (3’6″) and jumped even better the higher the jump. He cleared one square oxer by two feet!

I couldn’t have been more proud of him and told all who asked about him his story, hoping to inspire them to get a Thoroughbred off the track too. One man who came up to me couldn’t have said it better when he said,” that black horse of yours is the real deal. You can tell just by looking at him he’s something special.”

What an incredible journey it’s been since I saw your website for the first time and came to look at Wiseguy. Keep up the wonderful, wonderful work that you do!