OTTBs Aren’t Afraid of Scary Costumes or Politicians

Even Barack Obama is stumping for McCain and Palin. Click on any photo to see more photos from our scary Halloween Costume Party.

The Success Stories are a lot of fun to read. I thought I might add a posting for the horses still at Bits & Bytes Farm. We have lots of Success Stories and this site is a good place to add some of their stories to those of horses that have already found new moms. After all, I am their new mom right off-the-track and I am proud of the lessons they have learned.

Whoever you are for: GET OUT AND VOTE!!!!

Today we had a Halloween Costume party and we decorated our Bits & Bytes Farm horses and had a parade. We were joined by several horses who have been purchased as Prospect Horses For Sale from our Web site: Hollywood Vic, K O River Crossing and Lynn’s Vision aka “Bubba” and a former Bargain Barn HorseStevie Loverboy.

OTTB Success Stories Web Editor goes literal dressed as a spider with her "Web". Lynn's Vision aka "Bubba" is happy to don spider webs AND giant spiders because he loves his mom - and she loves him!

We decorated nine ex-race horses in costumes. Not one horse was upset or worried – some were embarrassed though. Can you image lifting the rear legs of a horse to put on human panties? How about putting on fish net stockings and a fire engine red bra? Our Pride of the Fox was a cross dressing “Foxy Lady” for our parade today. His favorite friend Ally aka “Ally the Kat” went so far as to stuff his bra, add rhinestones to his face and paint his feet. See what I mean about being embarrassed?

Pride of the Fox - has no pride left after being dressed as a "Foxy Lady". He's wearing a wig, rhinestones, bra and garters with fishnet stockings and his hoofs are painted red.

Bounced has a special “Friend”. Andi dressed Bounced up as a nurse and she was his doctor with surgical gown borrowed from the hospital she works at.

Bounced played nurse to his Dr. Andi. Click on the image to see more photos.

Flame has set Kelly Beedle’s heart on fire! It is a good thing her husband is an EMT with the Cherokee County Fire and Rescue Squad.

Flame has lit a fire in the heart of his special friend Kelly! Click on the image to see more photos.

K O River Crossing is in great shape thanks to his mom – the Bridgemill Athletic Club director. Loui and her daughter Kristen went retro with workout gear from the 80’s. You can tell by the shape of “River” that he gets a good workout with his mom.

K O River Crossing loves his mom and little girl and they give him a good work out to keep him in shape. Click on the image to see more photos.

Hollywood Vic became a Unicorn for the day. He was not the least bit concerned that he had a horn sticking out of his head and a ruff around his neck and on his ankles. I love these OTTBs – nothing bothers them.

Hollywood Vic was happy to dress up in a Unicorn costume - it is a lot more fun than racing.

The day was not without a little politics with the election just days away. Bits & Bytes Farm Horse For Sale – Political Pull (real name) lived up to his name being “pulled” in both directions by Barack Obama and John McCain with a gun toting Sarah Palen.

Political Pull lived up to his name being "pulled" in both directions by Barack Obama and John McCain with a gun toting Sarah Palen.

The politics of horse slaughter was also addressed at our Halloween Party. Nothing is scarier than horses going off-to-slaughter with the meat being shipped to the dinner tables of Europe. Don’t the people who eat horses realize what is in that meat? All vaccinations and worming medicines are labeled “Not for use in animals intended for food”. Chef Zuber and his Scottish chef friend protested the shipping of American horse meat to Europe. Former race horse Brew This aka “Brewster” was happy to outline the cuts of meats of horses being slaughtered.

Anti-slaughter demonstration by former racehorse Brew This.

What would a party be with out a rock star? Stevie Loverboy and his groupies made an appearance. “Loverboy” tried to hide behind big sunglasses but we knew who he was! He is a former Bargain Barn horse who is now rockin’ out at Bits & Bytes Farm. It was a stretch to make this “elevator music man” into a rocker – but that is what Halloween is all about – getting into your alter ego.

Stevie Loverboy tried to hide behind his sunglasses but we knew he was a star when we first saw him!

It was a fun day for the kids as well. These horses were all enjoying the attention – especially from the children. The kids put decorations on the horses in the barn, fed them treats and rode them in the parade. These off-the-track Thoroughbreds are safe and they make a great family horse as well as sport horse competitors. If you are looking for a horse you can enjoy and have fun with, consider an off-the-track Thoroughbred. Check out the Bits & Bytes Farm Web site for more Success Stories and Thoroughbred Horses For Sale. See lots more photos in the Bits & Bytes Farm Photo Gallery on this site.

Off-the-track Thoroughbreds make great family horses.

Flame will make a good family horse. He is a Thoroughbred who is quiet enough for a child to ride.