Outflankem – A Gentleman with an Easy Manner

The weather here has really put a damper on things. It seems every day we either have rain, snow, or gale force winds. The only days we get a break, I have to work!

My daughter decided she did not like the name “Ronnie” and informed us she had changed Outflankem’s name to “Bailey”. I guess the long “e” sound was enough to get his attention (plus we said it about 50 times when we fed him for about a week) and sure enough, he gives a little nicker when we call him “Bailey”!

The first week was what I call “housekeeping” week. The dentist came and gave him a float (and he could not have been better behaved), the farrier came (again, a perfect gentleman), and he got a tune-up from the chiropractor (he looked the same way I imagine I look when I get a massage-totally Zen’d out).

We have had a chance to lunge him a few times, and round and round he goes like a carousel. Honestly, I keep waiting for the other foot to drop with this horse, because there is no way he could be this easy, and yet everything new we do with him, he just does with grace and good sense.

My little guys (six and seven) actually fight over who gets to feed “Bailey” every day. He just stands back until the feed gets dropped, waits for them to give him a pat and step away, and then approaches his bucket. You guys were dead on in your description of his easy-going nature.

Hopefully the ground will dry up soon, and we can get some pictures of him under saddle. Thanks again for making “Bailey” a part of our family!