Painted Black is “Bella”

Bella (Painted Black) is doing very well! She is a very congenial filly….takes things in stride and very matter of fact. She has put on weight nicely and her coat has a great sheen to it. She is far more immature both physically and mentally than I’m used to for a 3 y/o so I’m really taking it very slowly. She has learned to run beside the Ryno (4 wheel quad car) down the sandy wash about 3 miles with the other horses when I run them (walk, trot, canter, walk etc.) Cows that are on this open range still get her to perk up and stare…but never anything extreme. She calls to me when she sees me now and gives many kisses. When you kiss her on the nose she makes those lippy faces that are quite funny. I have just wormed her again with Quest just to make sure all those bugs are gone and she can utilize all the nutrition she gets. We have transitioned her onto Timothy hay with occasional alfalfa hay. Not even going to think of ground/round pen work until her muscles begin to firm up walking up and down the hills. Just doing some stretching and general handling….she is my baby.

Thanks again,