Pegasus . . .

Great Game

You know…I have always been particularly attached to the idea of Pegasus…..and have felt it was mans conceptualization for the freedom given by the horse. But today I think I figured out something different….and I know it’s sappy—but it’s also honest and I think you will understand.

You go out to the barn to measure your horse to see if your backup bridle will fit that monster head of hers(which it won’t….uggghh)….and to check the bit size(I have never had a horse with a bit this large!—another no go)…and you walk out to the pasture of a sunny day that feels more like spring than fall…..and this big ol shiny black girl separates herself from the herd and purposefully ambles over to the gate to meet you–not even waiting for you to get in the pasture…..and just stops in front of you….no more scared horse…just huge brown eyes that are open and gentle and innocent….and she is just standing there while you measure her and feed her a carrot or two…just because she wants to…….little rub on the head—scratch on the neck—just perfect friendship….and when you go to leave–(because I have to hit the tack store before I can work her now….ugggghhhh)…she just keeps standing at the gate and staring right at you as you walk away—and you can feel her wanting you to come back…and she just stands there until you actually get in the car—then she ambles on back to the herd…….

It’s at this particular moment you realize that Pegasus isn’t a metaphor for how horses impacted mankind—-it is the very true and real feeling you have when literal wings just unfurl in your heart because of one very special horse and what she gives to one person….and being lucky enuf to be that person… is just sooooooooooooooooo good…..